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We were exhibiting at the 2014 AAPS in San Diego Convention Center, San Diego from 2nd to 6th in November 2014


We were exhibiting at the ACMA at CAMX 2014 in Orlando, FL from 14th to 16th in October 2014


We were exhibiting at the SAMPE 2014 from 2nd to 4th in June 2014 Washington State Convention Center 800 Convention Place Seattle, WA,Booth No.K2


We were exhibiting at the MRS Spring Meeting from 22th to 23th in April 2014 San Francisco,CA,Booth No.633


We were exhibiting at the SOT 2014 Annual Meeting from 24th to 26th in March 2014 Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Convention Center No.1616


We launched new product "ARV-50LED".


We were exhibiting at the AAPS from 10th to 14th in November 2013 San Antonio, TX, Booth NO. #639


We were exhibiting at the SAMPE Tech 2013 from 21th to 24th in October 2013 Wichita, KS, Booth NO. #E17


We were exhibiting at the MD&M Brazil 2013 from 27th to 28th in August 2013.


We were exhibiting at the SAMPE 2013 from 6th to 9th in May 2013 Long Beach, CA, Booth NO. #G16


We were exhibiting at the BIOMEDevice from 10th to 11th in April 2013 Boston, MA, Booth NO. #846


We were exhibiting at the PITTCON 2013 from 18th to 21st in March 2013 Philadephia, PA

Booth NO. #359

The planetary Centrifugal Deaeration Mixer is a mixer and a deaerator that disperses materials uniformly and deaerates at the same time. High speed revolution and rotation on the orbital path Centrifugal contols the container filled with materials. Revolution causes powerful acceleration that promotes deaeration, and at the same time rotation generates convection of materials in the container, achieving quick dispersion and deaeration. Utilized in processing of various materials such as adhesive, silicon resin and epoxy resin, nanotube, sealing material for LEDs as well as ointment preparation at dispensing pharmacies. Ease of operation, quick operation, high reproducibility and lack of mixing blades are some of the unique features.Eliminates the need for cleaning blades are some of the features. Experienced in vacuum deaeration, emulsification, and nano pulverization.