Alumina (Aluminum Oxide)

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Alumina (Aluminum Oxide)

Alumina (Aluminum Oxide)
Process - Dispersion, Vacuum Defoaming
Parameter - 10 minutes, 800rpm, 5Torr

[Materials] Silicone, Alumina

[Capacity] 2kg (Alumina 20vol%)

[Viscosity] Silicone = 3,000cP

[Specific Gravity] Alumina = 3.97

[Model] Vacuum mixer ARV-5000

[Container] 4L container

Alumina Slurry (Aluminum Oxide) Alumina Slurry (Aluminum Oxide)
Alumina (Particle size Sub micron) put on Silicone Dispersed into the Silicone with no bubbles or agglomeration

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