Preparation of Pharmaceutical Suspension

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Preparation of Pharmaceutical Suspension

Drug formulation
Micro level milling, Disperse completely
Mixing 2000rpm 3min

[Materials] Phenytoin (drug)

[Model] ARE-310

[Container] 150ml

[Tool] Zirconia ball

Preparation of Pharmaceutical Suspension
Oral formulation for preclinical studies is usually prepared by using mortar and pestle before. However, this method is very time-consuming and the quality of the suspension is operator-dependent. Rotation/Revolution mixer(THINKY) combined with zirconia balls can prepare high quality suspension reproducible. The novel preparation method is also very quick and easy process
This upper graph shows the results of particle size distribution of suspension by preparing rotation/revolution mixer ARE-310 By using ARE-310, the particle diameter of suspension of drug is 18μm(original) to 2μm(milled) on average in only a few minutes.


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