Viscous Epoxy

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Viscous Epoxy

Viscous Epoxy
Process - Vacuumless Defoaming
Parameter - 6 minutes, 2000rpm

[Materials] 828 Epoxy

[Capacity] 2.5cc in EFD 3cc syringe
Capable from 3cc to 10cc syringe

[Viscosity] 32,000cP

[Model] Vacuumless mixer ARE-310

[Adapter] 250AD-EFD-3x6 for 3cc
( 250AD-EFD-5x6 for 5cc syringe, 250AD-EFD-10x4 for 10cc syringe)

Viscous Epoxy Viscous Epoxy
Bubbles in EFD 3cc syringe Defoaming before & after No air bubbles are present in syringe

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