Phenytoin (Low solubility compounds)

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Phenytoin (Low solubility compounds)

Phenytoin (Low solubility compounds)
Process: Nano milling
Parameter: 2000rpm 2min

[Compound]Phenytoin (Low solubility compounds)

[Paticle size (D50)] 10 μm

[Weight] 100 mg

[Concentration] 10 mg/ml

[Mixer] Nano Pulverizer NP-100

[Griding tool] Zirconia ball (φ0.1 mm)

[Container] Zirconium oxide bowl(80 ml)

[Pulverizing method] Wet milling

Phenytoin original bulk >Pulverized Phenytoin bulk
Phenytoin original bulk Pulverized Phenytoin bulk(SEM image x30K)
Particle size distribution of milled Phenytoin rating
Pulverized Phenytoin bulk(Particle size ditribution)

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Wet milling applications using Nano Pulverizer NP-100 can be prepared nano-sized low solubility compounds in just a few minutes.

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