Epoxy resin + Silica powder

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Epoxy resin + Silica powder

Introduced models

AR-250,ARV-200(※*Discontinued models)
■Equivalent current models:ARE-310ARV-310

Technology department manager Mr. Abe Masanori

We used to mix by hand when mixing epoxy resin and silica powder and measuring a sample's viscosity, but it took too much time and the result was not consistent. In response to this we introduced AR-250 (*) and efficiency and reproducibility were significantly improved. However, with certain special viscosity measurement methods, microscopic air bubbles gave rise to undesirable effects and it took an extended amount of time to completely deaerate using AR-250 (*). After introducing ARV-200 (*), sufficient deaeration became possible in just several minutes, allowing us to obtain precise data. We appreciate the benefit of introducing ARV-200, and we now have more confidence in the samples we provide.

*Permission received to mention names and the company.

[check!]: Difference of ARE-310 and ARV-310 deaeration performance

Product's technology 4. Defoaming and Deaeration

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