Liquid epoxy resin + inorganic filler

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Liquid epoxy resin + inorganic filler

Introduced models

Introduced model:AR-360M(*Discontinued model, service also discontinued)
■Equivalent current model:ARE-500

Chief for Manufacturing Division

We use "THINKY MIXER" AR-360M (*) for mixing liquid epoxy resin and hardener, hardening accelerator, inorganic filler. In order to measure the viscosity of resin composition, these materials need to be quickly and thoroughly mixed in preparation.

We used to use a planetary mixer with mixing blades, but there were many problems such as the excessive time needed to mix or to clean, complicated operation, incomplete deaeration, and the minimum amount being too large. To address these problems, we introduced THINKY MIXER, which shortened the time required to prepare 1 sample to 1/20, and eliminated the fuss of cleaning up. The number of samples for which we can measure the viscosity in 1 day is now 10 times more. In addition, the operation is quite simple, allowing part-time workers to operate it. Switching of mixing pattern is easy now too, with the pressing of just one button enabling such change given that the patterns are pre-set into the memory. Since we can use small disposable cups as the mixing container, we no longer need to clean the cup every time we change the sample type. We used to need to wipe inside of metal container with organic solvent which produced a lot of waste including pieces of rag, but now, we only need dispose of the cups. The introduction of the THINKY MIXER was highly effective in reducing environmental burdens as well. Thinking back, we wish we had introduced THINKY MIXER earlier. It's been really advantageous for us.

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