Resin + Carbon

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Resin + Carbon

Introduced models

Introduced model:AR-360M (*Discontinued model, service also discontinued)
■Equivalent current model:ARE-500

Chief for Manufacturing Division / Technology department

We use it in our research and technology section. Our main use is to disperse carbon in resin. We used to use a small grinder with an acrylic hood, but carbon spread all over within the hood when kneading, which made cleaning a lot of work. After introducing the THINKY MIXER, the material did not spread and we can run our experiments with less fuss and more efficiency, being able to clean-up easily by just replacing the cup.

In addition, the introduction of the THINKY MIXER completely eliminated the loss that occurs when transferring the paste to and from the cup, because we can now store the material in the mixing container. Some of our clients also introduced THINKY MIXER, and seem very happy at how the total cost is reduced by eliminating the loss and making the container returnable, and how the quality is more stable.

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