Cast molding material

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Cast molding material

Introduced models

Introduced model:ARV-310

Molding Process Division

One of the processes of manufacturing compound semiconductor is resin molding. In this process, resin prepared, mixed, and deaerated is filled into semiconductor package, and let harden in an electric arc. We had been mixing resin with spatulas and deaerating with reduced pressure deaerator, but with recent developments which tend to adapt higher-viscosity resin, there were the following problems when using the existing mixing and deaeration methods.

1. Manual mixing of resin results in fluctuation of mixing result.

2. Existing reduced pressure deaerator requires over 10 minutes up to several hours.

Even if we use a reduced pressure deaerator, we need to break the bubbles manually, which forces us to keep observing and adjusting the device until complete. However, after introducing the THINKY MIXER ARV-310, there was improvement in the following 3 processes.

(1) Less deaeration time.Resin which required more than 1 hour with the reduced pressure deaerator can be deaerated within 10 to several tens of minutes.

(2) We no longer need to manually remove the bubbles during deaeration.Since ARV-310 does not blow up bubbles, deaeration is possible just by calling up the memory and operating. While deaerating, we now can use the time for something else.

(3) Quality of mixing is constant and stable now.ARV-310 enables the same mixing quality no matter who mixes the material.

Contact by phone +81-3-5821-7455

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