Suspension for administration 2

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Suspension for administration 2

Introduced models

Introduced models:MX-201・AR-360(*Discontinued models)
■Equivalent current models:ARE-310ARE-500

Medicinal Substance Laboratory, Senior Research Fellow


In toxicity tests, since the dosage is high, high-concentration suspension is often prepared. However, it is difficult to prepare suspension of compounds that do not easily absorb water. A deaerating mixer is a mixer and a deaerator that mixes various paints or other material and also deaerates at the same time. In principle, it rotates and revolves the container containing the material, pushes out the air bubbles, and blends the material at the same time. In our research, we studied preparation of compound suspension by using the deaerating mixer.


We tested 2 different compounds: compound A which does not absorb water easily and compound B which absorbs water easily. We placed the powder and 0.5% methyl cellulose solvent in the container and let the deaerating mixer rotate and revolve.


When compound A or B were rotated in the deaerating mixer, the suspension's content and uniformity rates were within the allowable range, and no difference was recognized in accordance with the original substance's particle size, with various densities, amount, or operation time. On the other hand, compound A suspension could not be prepared using a mortar, homogenizer, or mortar grinder. Compound B was able to be prepared by these traditional methods. However, then prepared with a homogenizer when the particle size is large, the particle size was reduced by such preparation. Also, by equipping a holder to fix the administrating fluid bottle inside of the deaerating mixer, the fluid was prepared directly into the bottle.


Use of the deaerating mixer enabled easy preparation of compounds that are normally difficult to prepare into suspension. Also, preparing of the fluid directly into the administering bottle was highly beneficial.

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