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Procedure for Protecting Personal Data

THINKY CORPORATION ("THINKY") recognizes that protecting personal data ("Personal Data"), which is information relating to an identified or identifiable individual ("Individual") and which you provide with on the THINKY's web site, is of utmost importance. THINKY is adopting the following procedure to protect Personal Data.

1. THINKY collects Personal Data, specifying the purpose for which Personal Data is collected, by lawful and fair means.
2. THINKY uses the Personal Data only to the extent necessary to complete the explicit purpose of its collection.
3. THINKY keeps Personal Data accurate and up-to-date, and makes every efforts to protect them by reasonable security safeguards against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage. Also, when submitting such Personal Data to a third party for the completion of a specific service to that individual, THINKY will supervise the handling of that data by the third party to ensure the data is protected.
4. THINKY accepts, in principle and within a reasonable period of time, requests for access to, correction or deletion of, or refusals of use ("opt out") or disclosure of Personal Data by the Individual.
5. THINKY establishes or appoints a special organization or a responsible person for the handling of complaints and consultation from the Individual with respect to Personal Data.
6. THINKY complies with applicable laws and regulations relating to protection of Personal Data.
7. THINKY conducts periodic reviews of the management system, including the THINKY's Privacy Policy, in order to maintain the appropriate protection of Personal Data.

* "Personal Data" means data relating to an individual such as name, date of birth, address, office, credit card number, bank account number, personal preferences or other descriptions or from numbers, symbols, other marks, images or sounds assigned to the individual (including data in which an individual cannot be directly identified, but can be identified by collating with other data).

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